I chose to study Architecture because of the holistic substance of the subject and because of the relations that it can interweave with its context and our daily lives.
I am interested in perceiving the incidence that every single designed space gives to the fabric of the city life.
During the design process it is indispensable to have a scientific and technologic approach; to be able to collaborate, professionally and socially; to take into consideration the environmental and ecological (in a broad sense) impact of one's production, whether real or theoretical.

The design is deeply affected by the social, urban, historical context in which it acts; the designer's ideas, feelings, studies, skill, Art; it has to measure against the client's needs, the real limits, the laws, the technological choices. But the returned Architecture is bound to influence as deeply the people, the environment (urban and natural), the present and future time
we live in.

All this is a bit generic, someone will even consider it difficult to put in practice, especially nowadays, but anyway, realizable or not, it's a matter of consciousness and responsibility (accuracy), both concepts theoretically volatile but "practically" (if achieved during the execution) strong.

As Giancarlo De Carlo said "Architecture is too important to be left in the hands of architects". An architect can do little alone, but if he can observe and listen he can react and while enriching herself/himself, enrich anyone else.

Good architects should have a bit of artist, technician, theorist, sociologist, psychologist, scientist, urbanist, poet, ... inside themselves.
I don't consider myself an artist, I hope not to be too theoretical, I am "attracted" by details (it's true!) but above all I believe
I am a good observer.
I like to design and I like to do it well, for myself and for the others.